Black History Month Events in Blair County (and beyond!)

Since the release of our save-the-date memo for 2023 (which you can read at the bottom of the page), the Blair County NAACP Branch #2252 has received information on additional diversity-focused programming in our area! Though some of the events have passed at the time of this posting, there is still plenty of time toContinue reading “Black History Month Events in Blair County (and beyond!)”

2nd Annual Freedom Fighter Gala

After long-time Blair County NAACP President Donald E. Witherspoon passed, community leaders and activists scrambled to find ways to maintain his legacy and create a new sense of purpose in Blair County and beyond. On June 25, 2021, Neil Rudel (Chief Editor of the Altoona Mirror), Steve Sheetz (Chairman of Sheetz, Inc.), Erica McNeal (SecretaryContinue reading “2nd Annual Freedom Fighter Gala”

2nd Annual Prospect Park Pumpkin Patch

The Blair County NAACP is happy to announce that we are returning for a second year with our Prospect Park Pumpkin Patch! This is an excellent opportunity for people of all ages to learn about Fall Festivities around the world, learn about NAACP initiatives in our community, and meet with neighbors and friends. We lookContinue reading “2nd Annual Prospect Park Pumpkin Patch”

Scorchin’ Boxing Gym hosts NAACP-sponsored boxing match

The Scorchin’ Boxing Gym, under the direction of Blair Co. NAACP Treasurer Jeremiah Witherspoon, hosted an NAACP-sponsored boxing match the Saturday before Easter. Tickets sold fast, with people from New Jersey to Pittsburgh coming to support the young boxers. Branch #2252 took the opportunity to table for support and take as many pictures of the boutsContinue reading “Scorchin’ Boxing Gym hosts NAACP-sponsored boxing match”

Blair County NAACP creates partnerships to mobilize voters

Throughout the month of October and into the month of November, the Blair County NAACP conducted several meetings to raise voter awareness and mobilize souls to the polls. The Blair County Branch, under the leadership of President Andrae Holsey, co-organized and hosted a Candidate forum with Indivisible – Blair County and the PSU Altoona PoliticalContinue reading “Blair County NAACP creates partnerships to mobilize voters”

RTE 22 Rock & Blues Festival

A few weeks ago at the RTE 22 Rock & Blues Festival, hosted by, The Pennsoulvanians reminded us that the Keystone State does indeed have SERIOUS soul. But, don’t worry if you didn’t experience Chet Denny and the gang. They will be the entertainment for the Blair Co NAACP’s First Annual Freedom Fighter GalaContinue reading “RTE 22 Rock & Blues Festival”

Celebrating the life and legacy of Blair County NAACP past-President, Don Witherspoon

This past December, the Blair Co. NAACP Chapter #2252 bid farewell to its president of the past 3 decades. Blair Co. NAACP past-President Don “Spoon” Witherspoon passed away on December 27th, 2020, at the age of 77, from complications related to COVID-19. Don was a father-figure to the community, a mentor to the troubled, andContinue reading “Celebrating the life and legacy of Blair County NAACP past-President, Don Witherspoon”