Scorchin’ Boxing Gym hosts NAACP-sponsored boxing match

The Scorchin’ Boxing Gym, under the direction of Blair Co. NAACP Treasurer Jeremiah Witherspoon, hosted an NAACP-sponsored boxing match the Saturday before Easter. Tickets sold fast, with people from New Jersey to Pittsburgh coming to support the young boxers. Branch #2252 took the opportunity to table for support and take as many pictures of the bouts as possible. Those pictures can be found below.

The NAACP is committed to supporting local youth, while instilling self-confidence, self-empowerment, and self-preservation in them. These tenets are reinforced through Scorchin’ Gym’s Leaders of Tomorrow (L.O.T.) Program, which benefits from the proceeds of matches like this. We encourage you to learn more about the gym at and to check out the L.O.T. program at

2 thoughts on “Scorchin’ Boxing Gym hosts NAACP-sponsored boxing match

  1. I fought in this event and wanted the pictures from my fight, can someone please send me them. Thanks.


    1. Hey Henry! Thanks for reaching out. The above pictures are the highest quality and clearest resolution ones. Not every fight had a picture, and not every one that did have pictures turned out clearly enough with all of the movement. Apologies for any inconvenience. But, we will go back through our archives and see what ones we can clarify with some editing!


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